Key skills

Key skills


Empathy interviews

I have in-depth experience in the development of discussion guides and the facilitation and analysis of interviews to generate customer insight.

I have conducted empathy interviews for a number of organisations including Homecare Medical, ACC (Accident Compensation Corporation), NZTA (New Zealand Transport Authority), Prepair NZ and MBIE (Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment).

Persona development

I have extensive experience in synthesising insights to craft personas for a wide range of organisations. This includes developing initial, quick proto-personas through to high-fidelity in-depth personas.

Journey mapping 

I have developed numerous current and future journey maps illustrating a user’s journey through a product, service or concept. These journey maps have consolidated numerous users’ experiences to highlight key pain points and opportunities as well as mapping important technologies and processes.

Co-design workshops

I have in-depth experience in the preparation, framing and facilitation of co-design workshops with diverse audiences — from young drivers to financial leaders.

Clients I have developed co-design workshops for include: NZTA (New Zealand Transport Authority), MBIE (Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment) and ACC (Accident Compensation Corporation).

Concept design

I have experience in concept design projects exploring how we might solve a problem, how a product could work and what it could feel like to use. This has been understood through tools and methods such as co-design, user interviews and rapid ideation.

User testing

I am confident in developing user testing goals and scripts, conducting testing and distilling data from sessions. I have run sessions for both digital and hypothetical concepts ranging from a blockchain identification system through to a high fidelity self-serve portal prototype.

Design sprints

I have been involved in the planning, preparation and running of several human-centred design sprints that explored, designed, tested and iterated solutions.

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